Where I want(will) to be in 10 years

In ten years I will be on the cusp of entering my 50s! That is an interesting thought, I will have two adult children by this time and one child just entering his teen years, oh Lord help me! So let me paint you a picture of my life in ten years. I will maybe have to flag this post to see if it comes true.
In ten years I will be sitting in the sun room or breakfast nook having my morning tea, while I wait for the youngest to crawl out of bed so we can head to school.  My house will be eerily quite since it will just be the two of us at home, Lil Man having turned 18 last October is off in school, pursuing his dream of becoming a teacher/ police officer.  
I will drop Prince T off at school and then I will head to work at the downtown office, having traded in my teaching hat for a division programming hat 2 years prior.  I am responsible for Inclusive Education in my division and I work closely with the Alberta Government developing guidelines to help develop appropriate guidelines for…

My worst habit


Absolutely the worst habit, and in that, when I have something to do I will often find a million other things to do instead and then what I have to get done doesn't get done.

This is going to be a short post because I totally have to get my kids to bed and I am avoiding that but I am hoping I can catch up with a friend after they are in bed so you know priorities!!

Renovating our living room

I feel like I am always renovating something in this house.  This is probably a truer statement than I want to admit since EVERY ROOM in this house has been done at least once if not twice, except the master bedroom and ensuite.

When we moved into this house eight years ago the living room was a ghastly sunflower yellow.  Now sunflower yellow is not actually a terrible colour, but when it is on every wall it's overbearing.

Seriously it was so much yellow, it just had to go, so we may have gone complete opposite and went for a beige brown combination.  It worked for eight years, but after awhile the darker brown just started to resemble shit brown and one grows tired of having shit on their walls.  Something had to be done!!!
I'm sure I get a look in my eye and then my husband wants to run for the hills! Like I am about 60% positive this happens because I like to change rooms, either the lay out, the colour, the furniture, but every six months or so I am looking to change thing…

My Greatest Fear

Most people claim spiders and snakes as their greatest fears or heights but none of these scare me.  I don't particularly like any of these and don't seek them out, but they aren't my greatest fear. They aren't a fear that takes my breath away and breaks me down.  That fear is for one inevitable, and no it's not taxes.

Thanatophobia is my greatest fear! The fear of death is my greatest fear.  I'm not particular about it being my death though, I am terrified to lose people I love.  My grandmother will be 85 this year and if I even vaguely thinking about her dying, my breath quickens, my eyes water and I begin to feel very anxious.  I lost my dad at 30 and there are months after his passing where if the day didn't have something to do with my dad I don't remember it. 

It's really probably the control freak in me, in regards to my own dying that terrifies me, because what would my children do? Could my family raise them without me so that they become c…

Favourite Childhood book

The best book I ever read as a kid was I Want To Go Home by Gordon Korman.  I loved all Gordon Korman books, This Can't Be Happening At McDonald Hall, Beware the Fish, No Coins Please., all of them but I Want To Go Home is the best.

My friend, Sharon, and I will argue this because she prefers No Coins Please.  She believes it's funnier but I think I Want To Go Home is better. 

In this book a very smart, and unwilling participant is sent to camp by his guidance counsellors. He does everything he can to escape and refuses to participate in any camp activities except arts and crafts and activities where he will be given an advantage and possibility to leave camp.

I remember the first time I was reading this book, my mom had friends over to play Kaiser.  I was in our living room laughing so hard my mom came in to make sure I was ok.  The first time she came in I was laying on the couch regularly, the next time my feet were on the top of the couch and my head was hanging to the flo…

Dream Job

Would you believe that I currently have one of my dream jobs as my 9-5, Monday to Friday jobs?  Well I do! I went to school to become a teacher, and I wanted to become a teacher so I could help kids discover their passions and full potential.  Guess what I do? I teach students that have some disabilities when compared to the "normal" "mainstream" student, but I get to teach them how to work with in their abilities and how to chase after their dreams!! BEST! JOB! EVER!

In our classroom we don't have a curriculum to follow, which is both a blessing and a stressor.  But we do get to participate and change our teaching to that of the students interests.  It's amazing watching them grow, mature and find their confidence! I wouldn't want to be teaching anything else!

A Day in the life of Jenn

Hi welcome to my life's commotion! Things are always busy and life is always happening! 
I'm late, I'm late but not really, here is what a typical day in my house looks like.
5:50 Alarm goes off, reach for phone check out the social media  (this is something I am hoping to eliminate but it is still happening)
6:15 get out of bed and head to the bathroom. This is where I wash up, do my hair, do my make up and get dressed.
6:30 leave bathroom mid getting ready to wake up Lil Man so he can go have his breakfast and start getting ready.
6:35 return to bathroom to finish getting ready.
6:45 head downstairs to make my Arbonne Smoothie.  Right now it's a Vanilla Chia Smoothie and it's delicious!
6:50 wake up Prince T if he isn't already awake, get him some breakfast that he won't eat but at least I provide it. \/O\/
7:15 say good bye to Husband as he leaves for work, finish getting boys ready to go.
7:30-7:45 head out the door to go drop off Prince T at daycare …